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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thoughts About the $1.5B Powerball Drawing Tonight

Not sure why I'm bothering making a promise here since nobody knows where this site is yet, but anyhoo...

Discussion at work today about the typical "what if you win?" situation about the powerball drawing. Now I know the odds and know it's idiotic, but I bought a ticket. So by my calculations, if I win (cash option) I'll get approx $420 million after taxes. If shared, half that, etc.

So what if I win?

Well... I'll probably keep around $5 mil to save/invest, maybe another 2-3 to splurge. Another couple to pay for my family's mortgages, education for my nephews and nieces, etc. The rest I'll give away.


Not in the "here, have a check" way, but there are so many charities that can do so much with that money. And need it. I'm sure I'll be smart about it and set up a trust or foundation or something so I can keep giving for all eternity. Being super-rich doesn't appeal to me. Making the world a better place is. After a certain level, what's the point of having more?

There. I've committed myself.

And outed myself as a progressive.


1 comment:

Greer Danielson said...

Reasonable ideas, my "if I win" thought vary almost the same. Were you lucky to win anything? Being abroad for that moment I decided to play Powerball online, still won nothing. What about you or anyone you know who played it?