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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Hitchhiker

Story time.

Driving back from yet another business trip yesterday, I stopped in a little town to fuel up and grab some lunch. Like most small towns in Texas, pickings were slim for grub; but sure enough, there was a DQ.

There's always a DQ.

While waiting for the receipt, a fly decided that the air-conditioned interior of the truck was more suited to his lifestyle than the 105° weather, and he flew in and made himself at home. I opened both windows and tried the obligatory shoo, and the fly disappeared. I assumed he was gone and headed back on the road, munching on french fries and settled in for the three-hour drive back home.

About twenty minutes later Jack (what I decided to call the fly) rested himself on the volume knob on the stereo. I opened both windows again, did quite a bit of flailing and shooing, but Jack was more adamant than I and stayed inside, determined to ride with me as far as the road will take him.

At this point I started to feel bad for him. How much does a fly know? When he finally exits he will have no concept of where he is. What if he has a little fly wife and fly kids, with a little fly minivan and a fly house in the fly suburbs. I don't know much about flies, but I don't think they were designed for two-hundred mile trips.

Even the times I had my window rolled down to have a cigarette (yes, I'm smoking again. Sue me) were not enticing enough to Jack. He was content.

So we spent the next few hours having a surreal, silent, love-hate relationship.

Pulling into a convenience store just a mile or so from my house, I left the windows open to let him go start his life anew; A "Fly in the City" type thing.

I grabbed a drink and came out again, only to find Jack sitting on the edge of the open window. He moved only briefly to let me open the door, and after circling twice, came to rest on the passenger seat.

I drove home, sad. After unloading my luggage, I went to go get the pooch and still he wouldn't leave.

So resting in at home after the trip, I left the window cracked overnight.

Jack wasn't there in the morning.

Godspeed to you, little guy. Hope you find your place in this new world.