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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Muchos Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaacias

I wish my family the best Thanksgiving ever.

That's right, we're not spending it together. Or at least they are.

My sisters normally (well, normally the eldest one) throw together a shindig, with the turkey, cranberries and all the typical accessories that come forthwith. This year a friend of hers is putting one together, and we're all invited.

I'm not going.

I want to. I know them, my sistas will be there, my folks, plenty of pooches, gobs of food, wine, women and song.

Problem is, because of the way the thing's arranged, plus stuff going on here, and and and, I'd have to come back that night. I figure it'd be about a 5 1/2 hr each way, and 11 hours on the road is a lot of driving for one day, especially when you enter in all the food, alcohol, etc.

But don't worry, there is a plan.

Spending it with Lil and her fam. Primarily to deflect the drama going on with them. But regardless, I'll be spending it with someone I care about.

Good times.

And Thanks.

Thanks to my family, My sisters who never judged me even when I screwed up (once or twice) and Loved me just the same.

Thanks to my folks for too many reasons to list here. Just know I Love you, and I appreciate all you've given me.

Thanks to Lillith, for always being there to point out when I'm being a douchebag, to criticize me every chance she gets, and to make me a better person for having known her.

Thanks to my company (I know, right??) for finally realizing that I deserve this promotion.

Thanks to the US for finally coming to her senses.

In the past year I would also like to thank Fred, Berry, Miss Divine, Mariah, ChaCha, 'Stache, Guido, Yahtzee, Jean, Wrigley, Murphy, Jesus M, and Father Fab for all their Love, patience, and everything else they've given me in the past year.

Love you all.